Dear Denton Voters,

Service on the Denton City Council is a high honor and solemn responsibility.

If elected, I will take represention of Denton residents and businesses seriously. I will combine my experience with citizen input, valid data—and a healthy dose of reason—to maximize City resources and bring benefit to Denton residents and businesses. I will not abuse the position and treat it as a bully pulpit from which to agitate and advance personal agendas.

When I filed to run for Denton City Council, Place 5, in January 2020, the City was pursuing a strong growth trajectory. Although the near future holds unexpected fiscal challenges, it’s clear the City is staying strong at its core. The pace of new projects passing through the City’s Development Department remains brisk, indicating Denton continues to be viewed as a healthy, desirable community, ripe for investment.

Business and resident tax dollars both fund City services and enable the City to provide support to social service organizations that serve those less fortunate. The $1+ billion City budget, which includes Denton Municipal Electric, is funded principally by property tax dollars, sales tax revenues and payments from ratepayers to Denton Municipal Utilities.

Seven residents comprise the Denton City Council, the body that decides how that $1+ billion will be spent. Since my opponent is an incumbent, I urge you to review carefully her voting record, which is available here (choose Current Members, Deb Armintor). Selected examples of her votes, coupled with analysis of her voting record, will continue throughout this campaign on the Motivation page of this website.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. Please share this website with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Should you choose to support me at the polls, I pledge to honor your vote by pursuing wise decisions and practicing good stewardship of your tax dollars while promoting a culture of consideration and respect for all.


Rick Baria

I warmly embrace the non-partisan aspect of Denton City Council elections. I am running independent of all other candidates in this non-partisan municipal election, held this year in the middle of a national partisan election. The partisan races and Denton City Council races will be on a single ballot.